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Refer someone you think is worthy to join The Forum and get a chance to build credits* to become a World CineX Ambassador

If you landed on this page because you have been referred to join "The Forum" of the World Cinema Exhibition (World CineX), please read below and jump to sections 2 to 4 


A current Forum member can directly refer someone worthy to join The Forum of World CineX.


SECTION 1) Share this page (by copying and pasting the url web address or using the share button on your phone) directly with the person you want to refer.


*At the end of each year the Forum members that, in their respective countries, get more new members to join, will become World CineX Ambassadors of their country of residence and will get a monetary bonus. The monetary bonus will be calculated based on the yearly net profits from our advertisement income.   

SECTION 2) If you are the person that has been referred, please fill the online form here below. 

SECTION 3) Please make sure you write the correct full name of the current member that referred you.


SECTION 4) Wait for an official email response from us with further instructions.


 Have more questions? Write us at

You landed on this page but you don't know what the World CineX is? Please make sure you first read our Manifesto to learn why World CineX, with your help, can become bigger and better that the Oscars or the Golden Globes.

Have you been referred to join The Forum at World CineX?
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Being member is completely FREE, upon a selective process


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