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World CineX Manifesto


“The World is more divided than ever. 

Let’s bring it together

with the magic of Cinema”

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World CineX stands for World Cinema Exhibition and is a global entertainment venture, focused on the film theatrical exhibition, the creation of collateral multimedia and television content, B2B events within the film industry, culminating with the World CineX Awards Show, a world-class television event that will take place every year in Los Angeles during the award season. 

As of today, there’s no film award Institution on Earth that truly represents and celebrates global Cinema, from all six continents, equally, at its purest level. Cinema has no color, no prejudice, no borders and it has the power to unite us all. Through the magic of the silver screen, the World CineX will truly embrace the World. No elites, no lobbies and, most importantly, no political and social polarized influences


How can we achieve that? By creating the biggest and the most diverse film community on Earth.


Our goal is to build a global ensemble of film and show-business professionals of at least 100.000 members by 2028, equally divided by continent. Each year, through a global voting process, it’s going to be determined which are the very best movies and cinematic performances of the year in the World, in numerous categories. 

The voting process, which will include many collateral events throughout the year, will culminate with a high-profile live event called World CineX Awards, which will take place in Los Angeles, each February, right at the center of the Award Season, starting from 2025.


This global community will be called The Forum


Becoming a member of The Forum will always be completely free, because we will rely on sponsorships and advertising. 


To enter The Forum will require a selective process and, once selected, not only you will be able to come to Los Angeles once a year (or more) and meet other filmmakers through a series of great events, but you'll be able to do networking like never before, both online and in person... as we celebrate movies.

WCX Logo - Gold Transparent FLARE_edited
WCX Logo - Gold Transparent FLARE_edited


To put things into perspective, the Hollywood Reporter published a report on the Academy Awards where, as of 2023, out of their 10.000 members 63% are just from the United States and Canada alone (see chart below), a staggering 81% of them are white and just one tiny category is representing international films, with just five films in it.

On the other hand, the Golden Globes are formed by just about 200 Hollywood Foreign Press members who are still going through various grave allegations, as deeply documented by the press.

The “World” of movies is much bigger and more diverse than this. We can do better, not just because we don’t think is fair that, basically, people from just two countries can claim what is “the best in the world” of the movie industry, but also because great moviemaking, nowadays, truly comes from all over the World, not just from the USA.


Ultimately, despite some recent efforts to improve, all the major motion picture Institutions still follow a very obsolete system, victim of a secluded Establishment that does not speak for the People on a global level and, most of all, does not speak for all the filmmakers around the World. 


The World CineX Awards is the answer... and the future.

Do we have your attention now? Keep reading...

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WCX Logo - Gold Transparent FLARE_edited
WCX Logo - Gold Transparent FLARE_edited


100.000 MEMBERS BY 2028

Forum Member Global Map.jpg

The Forum’s global membership will be proportionally divided by continent (see picture above), based on the following factors combined: population, market share of the theatrical exhibition and number of Countries where movies are being released theatrically. 

There will be an International Directive Board, while each country will have one or more World CineX Ambassadors, depending on the volume of work and population, to coordinate invitations, requests and general enquiries. It’s also very important the collaboration with all the film commissions around the world.

This membership policy will guarantee, with its diversity and scale, the most universal and accurate consensus in awarding the best films in the World each year, while steering away from polarized social and political influences. 




You could receive a direct invitation from the Directive Board or by one of the Cinex Ambassadors. A current Forum member can also send a direct referral to the Directive Board by writing a formal request on our referral page. The procedure will still be subject to final approval. At any time of the year, you can directly request to join by filling an online request on the form on our homepage. Then you will be guided through the selection process and be subject to final approval.


Please visit for further info

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The World CineX, and its Forum, are intended not only to celebrate and award the best of global Cinema every year, but to support the incredible communal experience that only a movie theater and a “live” audience can give. That’s a fundamental element of our society and that’s the reason why only films that have a theatrical distribution are eligible for the nominations at the World CineX Awards. We are fully commited to support exclusively the theatrical exhibition.


Here below are listed the four main rules: 


1) A film must have a theatrical distribution of two consecutive weeks in at least one country of each of the six continents. For example, a distribution could simply be the following: USA (North America), Brazil (South America), Italy (Europe), South Africa (Africa), Japan (Asia) and Australia (Oceania). 


2) For theatrical distribution we accept both nationwide and limited releases, with at least five movie theaters/screens in any available national territory, as long as it has a two-weeks consecutive release in at least one country per continent.


3) A film must have received at least 65% of positive reviews from the global press in order to be eligible for a nomination. For “global press” we mean: official reviews from outlets of all the Countries where the film has been theatrically released.   


4) A film can be released as early as January 1 and no later than December 31 to compete for the current year. In early January, a first round of global voting will determine the nominations in all the categories, while by February a second round of global voting will determine all the winners that will be declared during the World CineX Awards show in Los Angeles shortly after.

WCX Logo - Gold Transparent FLARE_edited
WCX Logo - Gold Transparent FLARE_edited



√  Best Feature Film

√  Best Animated Feature Film

√  Best Director in a Feature Film

√  Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film

√  Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film

√  Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film

√  Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film

√  Best Director Of Photography

√  Best Screenwriting

√  Best Editing

√  Best Casting Director (Best Main Cast Ensemble)

√  Best Costumes and Fashion

√  Best Production and Art Design

√  Best Visual and Practical Effects

√  Best Special Digital Effects

√  Best Music Composer

√  Best Theme Song

√  Best Sound Design

√  Best Stunt Team

√  Best Make-Up Department


Note: the World CineX is also deeply committed to honor the best Documentaries and Short Films, despite the non-applicable global theatrical distribution requisit. These categories will be awarded through our film festival partners.

The World CineX celebrates and honors the world-largest amount of professionals in the film industry. Each category will have 10 final nominations every year. Here below are listed all the categories at the World CineX Awards:

Pic expo.jpg
WCX Logo - Gold Transparent_edited.png



The World CineX members are becoming part of The Forum, a global membership and the voting body of the World CineX Awards. Membership is 100% free upon a careful selection process and, while providing the best possible organization at zero cost for you, we will rely on sponsorship and advertising.




√  The World CineX Awards will be hosted live every year in Los Angeles. 

In-person access to the show and in-person networking events leading the main show, will be given exclusively to Forum Members. The Main Show will also be accessible by close relatives or “plus ones”. Networking events could also include: entertaining and charity events, masterclasses, conventions and special screenings.



√  The World CineX Awards will organize, in collaboration with film commissions around the world, in-person networking events, entertaining and charity events, masterclasses, conventions and special screenings. All the events will be accessible exclusively by Forum Members.



√  A dedicated YouTube Channel, with the latest news from the world of movies, and a weekly talk show about Cinema (possibly moving to TV/streaming in the short term). 

√  A dedicated online forum and Mobile App, accessible exclusively by Forum Members, dedicated to work and networking opportunities.


* Disclaimer: all the activities mentioned on this document are meant to be implemented in stages, throughout 2024 and 2025, and they could be subject to change.

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