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The World CineX celebrates and honors the world-largest amount of professionals in the film industry. Each category will have 10 final nominations every year. Here below are listed all the categories at the World CineX Awards:

√  Best Feature Film

√  Best Animated Feature Film

√  Best Director in a Feature Film

√  Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film

√  Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film

√  Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film

√  Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film

√  Best Director Of Photography

√  Best Screenwriting

√  Best Editing

√  Best Casting Director (Best Cast Ensemble)

√  Best Costumes and Fashion

√  Best Production and Art Design

√  Best Visual and Practical Effects

√  Best Special Digital Effects

√  Best Music Composer

√  Best Theme Song

√  Best Sound Design

√  Best Stunt Team

√  Best Make-Up Department


Note: the World CineX is also deeply committed to honor the best Documentaries and Short Films, despite the non-applicable global theatrical distribution requisit. These categories will be awarded, among many other great films, every September at our festival partner: the Ferrara Film Festival in Italy, during the Golden Dragon Awards

Read in full our Manifesto and make history with us.

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