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How to become a lifetime member of the World CineX's The Forum?


Here below the 3 exclusive ways

1) Direct invitation

You could be directly invited by the Directive Board or by one of the Cinex Ambassadors.

2) Referral

A current Forum member can refer you to the Directive Board by writing a formal request.

The formal documentation will be forwarded directly to that individual, and the procedure will still be subject to final approval.

Would you like to refer someone and get credits to become a World CineX Ambassador?

Please go to the referral page by clicking the button below.

3) Direct request

At any time of the year, you can directly request to join by filling the online form at the end of our homepage. Then you will be guided through the selective process. 

Please make sure you first read our Manifesto to learn all about World CineX

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The World CineX members are becoming part of The Forum, a global membership and the voting body of the World CineX Awards. Membership is 100% free upon a careful selection process and, while providing the best possible organization at zero cost for you, we will rely on sponsorship and advertising.




√  The World CineX Awards will be hosted live every year in Los Angeles. 

In-person access to the show and in-person networking events leading the main show, will be given exclusively to Forum Members. The Main Show will also be accessible by close relatives or “plus ones”. Networking events could also include: entertaining and charity events, masterclasses, conventions and special screenings.



√  The World CineX Awards will organize, in collaboration with film commissions around the world, in-person networking events, entertaining and charity events, masterclasses, conventions and special screenings. All the events will be accessible exclusively by Forum Members.



√  A dedicated YouTube Channel, with the latest news from the world of movies, and a weekly talk show about Cinema (possibly moving to TV/streaming in the short term). 

√  A dedicated online forum and Mobile App, accessible exclusively by Forum Members, dedicated to work and networking opportunities.


* Disclaimer: all the activities mentioned on this document are meant to be implemented in stages, throughout 2024 and 2025, and they could be subject to change.

Read in full our Manifesto and make history with us.

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