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How to become a lifetime member of the World CineX's The Forum?


Here below the 3 exclusive ways

1) Direct invitation

You could be directly invited by the Directive Board or by one of the Cinex Ambassadors.

2) Referral

A current Forum member can refer you to the Directive Board by writing a formal request.

The formal documentation will be forwarded directly to that individual, and the procedure will still be subject to final approval.

Would you like to refer someone and get credits to become a World CineX Ambassador?

Please go to the referral page by clicking the button below.

3) Direct request

At any time of the year, you can directly request to join by filling the online form at the end of our homepage. Then you will be guided through the selective process. 

Questions? Write us at

Please make sure you first read our Manifesto to learn all about World CineX

Read in full our Manifesto and make history with us.

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