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Is it possible to have something bigger and better than the Oscars or the Golden GlobesThe answer is: absolutely yes and you can be part of it.

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World CineX stands for World Cinema Exhibition and is the home of the World CineX Awardsa first-rate event taking place every year in Los Angeles starting from 2024... and much more.

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The World is more divided than ever and our goal is to bring it together through the magic of movies. Cinema has no color, no prejudice, no borders and it has the power to unite us all. As of today, there’s no film award Institution on Earth that truly represents, celebrates and awards global Cinema from all six continents, equally, at its purest level.


The World CineX will truly embrace inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism, the likes of which the World has never seen before. How can we achieve that? By creating the biggest and the most diverse film community on Earth. 


This membership policy will guarantee, with its diversity and scale, the most universal and accurate consensus in awarding the best films and cinematic performances in the World each year, while steering away from polarized social and political influences.


Read in full our Manifesto and make history with us.

Becoming a member of the World CineX will make you a member of The Forum.

Becoming a member of The Forum will always be free because we'll rely on sponsorships and advertising. Fill the form below to request an invitation*.

*subject to a selection process and approval. More info on our membership page

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