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WORLD CINEX Membership Agreement Form

This Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “agreement”) is entered into as of 

By and between (hereinafter referred as the "member")


World Cinema Exhibition (doing business as World CineX, hereinafter referred as “WCX”), a trademarked entity of Perpetuus LLC (doing business as GX Media – EIN 84-4028881) with its legal headquarters in Los Angeles, California, USA, with a registered agent c/o LegalZoom Inc. with a mailing address of 101 N. Brand Blvd (11th floor), Glendale, CA 91203 (USA). 


NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and mutual covenants made one to the other, be it and it is hereby agreed as follows:


1) The member agrees to become part of The Forum, which is the global community of WCX, formed by active members of the entertainment industry (motion pictures, TV and new media) and, to the best of her/his abilities, agrees to actively participate to all the activities made available by WCX throughout the year (in-person and online) and to engage as much as possible with all the social media activities on the following pages:

To further learn about the vision, activities and objectives of WCX, please read the official  at or, for the latest updates, please visit

2) The WCX will never, ever, discriminate anybody during the admission process to join The Forum. The WCX vows to welcome all the potential members from any country in the world and totally disregard, during the selection process, any judgement on ethnicity, geographical origin, sexual orientation and religion, while only strictly taking into consideration the professional requirements to join The Forum. For further info on the requirements and benefits please visit

3) The WCX will never ask the member to pay any financial tuition to be part of The Forum and, at the same time, the member agrees not to seek any financial compensation to WCX for this agreement, for the whole duration the membership, unless the member becomes a World CineX Ambassador (details at the end of the agreement). 


4) The membership of The Forum will be for life, however the Directive Board of WCX has the power to remove, suspend or ban a member of The Forum if any proven illegal activity occurs in direct collusion with WCX, or if there’s any crime committed against other members of The Forum, or if any member’s action goes against this agreement. Any removal, suspension or ban must be issued in written form by WCX’s Directive Board.


5) The member agrees to actively participate in the global annual voting process related to the World CineX Awards, which consists in two rounds of voting: the first, from January 1 to January 15, to select all the nomineesin all the categories; the second, between late January and early February each year, to elect all the winners that will be publicly announced during the World CineX Awards Show, hosted “live” in Los Angeles, shortly after. For further information on the voting rules, please visit and, with regards to the award categories, please visit


6) The member agrees to receive via e-mail, related to the voting process, the two private voting online forms to be filled in a timely manner before the deadlines, and agrees to maintain the vote secret (e.g. not sharing it publicly or to other members). If WCX determines that one member did not maintain the vote secret, the member understands that the vote will be disregarded, and she/he/they may face suspension or removal.


7) The member agrees that, during the voting process, if an active vote will not be casted for two years in a row, the membership may be suspended or revoked. 


8) The member agrees, to the best of her/his abilities, to have watched all the films nominated to the World CineX Awards, in any shape or form, every year before the voting process. The member also understands that, because of its global nature, WCX may not provide free online screeners, or free in-person screenings, of the films nominated that could interfere with legal distribution policies (this could be subject to change in the future).


9) The WCX will invite, exclusively, every single member of The Forum to participate to all the worldwide in-person activities organized by the Directive Boards, in collaboration with film commissions around the world. The exclusive invitations also include the World CineX Awards, which will be hosted every year in Los Angeles, in the second half of February, starting from 2024.


10) The member agrees to have her/his name and profession listed (no photo, no links, no personal information) on the website among the other global members.


11) The member agrees and understands that admission to many in-person or online activities will mostly be free of charge, while only a few will include a paid admission. The member also agrees that transportation and hospitality (e.g. flight tickets and hotel stay) will not be under WCX responsibility, however exclusive discount offers will be presented.


12) The member agrees to receive direct communications (exclusively via e-mail), related to WCX activities, that could contain advertisement. These e-mail communications will be a minimum of 1 (one) per month and a maximum of four (4) per month and will come in the form of a “direct personal email”, meaning that it will not be delivered as a newsletter with an option to “unsubscribe”. 


13) WCX agrees that these communications (as described in section 12) will only involve subjects directly related to WCX’s activities and will never include any “hard sell pitches”. WCX also agrees not to sell or share the member’s private information to third parties.


14) If the WCX directive board will later determine that, at any time, the member meets the requirements to become a World CineX Ambassador, the member will be required to review and sign an additional agreement which could involve a monetary compensation (*).


(*) World CineX Ambassadors are high-profile members who are able to successfully refer the highest number of new members to join The Forum each year, in their respective countries of residence. World CineX Ambassadors will receive an annual financial bonus depending on their performances. These bonuses will be evaluated case by case in December of each year.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF authorized representatives of the parties hereto have executed this Membership Agreement as of the Effective Date. The member understands the entirety of this agreement and accepts all of its content by signing it in the dedicated space below.  

After you'll send this application, you will receive via email a stamped PDF version of this agreement, with the Seal of our Organization for your records. 

Thank you for filling out the agreement! You will receive a PDF version on your email

Read in full our Manifesto and make history with us.

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